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Essential Baking Tools To Start Your Home Baking Business

So people have been loving your cakes and cookies, on and off you receive compliments like “you should start a home baking business”. Somewhere deep down in your heart you too want to start your own home baking business, you know what? Just go for it. In this new world that we are living in (imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic), home baking is a very good option to take up as an additional income source. With the lockdown being imposed in several countries, bakeries being shutdown, demand for home baked cakes have increased. Just to make your job little easier I have created a list of essential baking tools to start your home baking business.

essential baking tools to start home baking business

Mixing Tools

Mixing Bowls

Get assorted mixing bowls in several sizes. You need mixing bowls to make your batter as well as to prepare the cream/frosting for the cake. Freezer and Microwave safe mixing bowls are handy, in-case you need to freeze or loosen stiff frosting.

Spatula and scrapers

These are essential baking tools to help you mix the batter and frosting, ganache etc. Scrapers help you cover the cake with frosting evenly.


Beater / Stand Mixer

You can buy hand mixer for the budget’s sake, but if you are planning a long running career in baking go for a high speed stand mixer. Buy a mixer with atleast 450 watts for best results.

Hamilton Beach, Morphy Richards and Kenwood are the best brands for stand mixers. Little heavy on the pocket these gadgets are amazing to work with. If you are on a limited budget Wonderchef Stand mixer will also work fine.


A good quality stainless steel sift preferably with handle will be fine to start with. Make sure the diameter is atleast 18 cms.

Icing Tools / Basic Cake Decoration Tools

Cake Icing Knife Set

It is used for lifting and moving delicate items like cake, pie or pastry without breaking or cracking the piece. It is very useful in transferring the cake from the turning table to the cake base on which the final product will be delivered.

Turn Table / Revolving Cake Stand

You need a sturdy table for your cake. Buy a professional metal turn table. You don’t need an automatic table, a manual revolving table works fine for beginners. The weight holding capacity should be atleast 3.5 kg.

BAKERY HUB Professional Cake Turntable/Stand 29 cm


Rose Stand / Flower Nail

Pipe the rose or any other flower on the flower nail and with the help of scissors slide the flower on the cake. Rose stand or flower nail is not an essential tool, that means you can decorate your cake beautifully without a flower nail also. But to got one notch up with your cake decoration, a rose stand is a must have.

Flower Nail For Cake Decoration


Cake Base

These are cardboard platters with silver, gold and copper finish. Get many of these in several diameters as without this you won’t be able to deliver your cake.

Try finding a COMBO of different diameters like this one

HOME REPUBLIC-Combo 8 INCH,9 INCH,10 INCH Round Cake Board


Piping Bags

A piping nozzle is attached to the tip of the bag and then the frosting is filled. Pipe your design by gently pressing the piping bag. Piping bags comes in both disposable and reusable forms.

Disposable Piping Bags

Disposable Piping Bag For Cake Decoration





Piping Nozzles

A must have tool, not only for professional home bakers but it is for anyone who loves to create a beautiful cake at home. You can get yourself a whole set of nozzles in a combo purchase.



Garnish Moulds

Grab some assorted moulds to make chocolate, fondant, marzipan, sugar crystal garnish for your cakes.

Floral , alpha-numeric and shapes are the common ones that every home baker should have in their collection.

Alphabet Mould


Essential Baking Utensils For A Home Baker

Cake Tin

Stock yourself with 5-6 tins in different shapes and diameters.

Cup – Cake moulds

Both metal and paper moulds are useful. So get a pack of each to start with.

Oven For Home Baking Business

Bigger oven is what you should consider for your home baking business. You should be able to bake atlead 4 cakes at a time in your oven.

OTG Ovens are recommended for home bakers as microwave ovens are trIcky. Baking in a microwave oven may not yield the desired texture even though a premix was used.

Morphy Richards 60 RCSS 60-Litre Oven Toaster Grill is a perfect oven to start your home baking business.


Measuring / Weighing Tools

Measuring Cups and Spoons

These are easily available online in very reasonable price.

Weighing Scale

Baking is all about right measurements. Ratios and proportions are key to successful baking. Measuring tools play a very significant role in baking. Read reviews and invest in a kitchen scale with highest accuracy.

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